Progressive fleets have been using telematics systems to collect data for years, with the goal to make better informed decisions for operational and economic benefit.

Using telematics systems, fleet managers have the data to optimize their fleet; resulting in:

  • decreased downtime through preventative maintenance
  • increased safety through proactive detection of risky driving behaviors
  • decreased fuel costs through idle reduction and route optimization
  • successful adoption of electric vehicles
  • matching the right vehicle technology to the right trip/application
ionEV Dashbaord

Telematics for fleet optimization

Sawatch Labs is a value-added reseller, Marketplace partner, and certified installer of the Geotab product.

Geotab is a global leader in telematics, providing open platform fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Geotab’s intuitive, full-featured solutions help businesses better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips data. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Geotab’s technology to provide measurable management data. Many federal, state and local governments trust Geotab with their data. Geotab takes a rigorous approach to data security following the principle of continuous improvement. To protect their customers and partners, Geotab is constantly reviewing, improving and validating their security mechanisms and processes so their systems remain resilient to intrusion and disaster. Geotab collaborates with leading stakeholders to advance security across the industry.

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We analyze telemetry from any provider.

Sawatch Labs’ proprietary analytics are designed to be compatible with virtually any telemetry. Our familiarity with popular telematics data sources allows us to deliver actionable results in a short timeframe. And we can combine data from multiple sources to produce a single result.

The granularity of telemetry combined with Sawatch expertise can guide you to successful adoption, management and optimization of electric vehicles in your fleet.

Data Analysis Cycle