What we do

At Sawatch Labs we use data science to analyze how each vehicle in your fleet is driven and use this information to identify:
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When it makes sense to replace an internal combustion engine vehicle with an EV, PHEV, or other alternatively fueled vehicle;

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Where the optimal locations are to install EV charging infrastructure to support EVs in your fleet; and

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How to right-size your fleet by reducing assets without impacting your team’s access to vehicles.

About Us

ezEV Analytics

Our proprietary analytics software, ezEV, uses telematics data to assess individual vehicles to determine if the vehicle’s driving needs could be met with an electric vehicle (EV).

Each vehicle is scored on it's energy use, economics, and parking consistency which are combined into an Overall ezEV Suitability Score.

Our ezEV Analysis helps you confidently determine which vehicles in your fleet are good candidates for replacement with an EV. Additionally, we identify the optimal locations for installing charging infrastructure to support the vehicle based on its energy use and parking locations.

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EV Charging Infrastructure Analysis

To ensure successful EV deployments within your fleet, it is imperative that each vehicle has access to charging stations (a.k.a. electrical vehicle supply equipment or EVSE) at convenient locations for overnight charging.

Using telematics data, we identify the optimal locations to install charging infrastructure to support the adoption of EVs in your fleet.

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Optimization & Safety

Maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for your fleet vehicles requires understanding your drivers’ needs, identifying opportunities to optimize utilization, and mitigating potential safety hazards.

We use telematics data to help fleet managers maximize their ROI.

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Measure and monitor your fleet’s air emissions on a day-by-day basis with our Emissions Intelligence Tool (EMIT). With EMIT you can quickly determine your progress in reducing your fleet’s air emissions to ensure you are complying with your sustainability goals.

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State of Colorado

The Colorado Energy Office and the Department of Personnel and Administration engaged Sawatch Labs in June 2018 to analyze state vehicles for EV suitability. Of the 57 vehicles analyzed, 34 were identified as good candidates for replacement with EVs. Replacing these vehicles with the recommended EV model would result in lifetime savings exceeding $100,000.

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